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Moutere Hills Community Centre is proud to support The Grapevine – a local publication showcasing the wider Moutere Hills Community.

the grapevine

About The Grapevine      

In the last 10 years the number of households in our community has increased in size enormously – children attend a number of different schools and adults often work outside the area.  As a way to ensure that the wider community was linked, the Moutere Hills Community newsletter The Grapevine was resurrected in January 2009 and now enjoys great support from the community and local businesses.  Delivered free, to over 1300 letter boxes in the wider Upper Moutere district, the Grapevine is made possible by donations from the readers, community grants and income from advertisers.

Compiled by a small group of volunteers, we welcome anyone interested in contributing in any way they can, either by assisting in the construction or by contributing articles about local history, businesses or identities, notices of public events, and club/sporting notices.  These can be sent to our email address   The deadline is the 15th of each month; we aim to have the newsletter delivered on the first Thursday of the month.   We are also encouraging its use as a forum for discussion of local issues and want to celebrate the advantages of living in the Moutere.

Advertising in The Grapevine

The following prices apply for advertising:

– business card size advertisement – $12

– 1/4 page advertisement – $25

– 1/2 page advertisement – $50

– full page advertisement – $95 (if space available)

We warmly welcome editorial contributions to the Grapevine from all residents in the Moutuere and Tasman regions.  Please email copy and advertisements to by the 15th of each month.

To download a recent copy of the grapevine please click on the links below:


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