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Welcome to Moutere Hills Community Centre, the hub of the Moutere community and beyond. Our mission is to provide and promote recreational, social and cultural services by providing an accessible and affordable Centre for use by the Tasman region at large. Katrina McLean is our on-site Manager and she is supported by a six-strong team of enthusiastic locals who constitute the Moutere Hills Community Centre Board.

The current board members are:

Tim Grenhough – Chair

Stephanie Drewery – Secretary

Grant Bryan – Treasurer

Emily McDougall – Clubs Representative

Robert Panzer

Stuart Port



Moutere Hills Community Centre Board Members are responsible for providing governance. They must make sure the organisation is continuously steering towards its vision for the future and that all activity is aligned to support the vision. A Board Member’s key responsibility is to ensure the organisation remains focused on its purpose and responsibilities to the stakeholders who benefit from its success. If you would like to view the Moutere Hills Community Centre constitution to better understand the rules and responsibilities of the society then please We are a non-profit incorporated society and rely on the goodwill and generosity of supporters and local volunteers to maintain a sustainable facility. Moutere Hills Community Centre has two levels of membership: * Community Member of the Centre – you will become an official member of Moutere Hills Community Centre and will have voting rights at the AGM * Friends of the Centre – from time to time the centre management could use volunteers to help out on working bees, community occasions etc. It is friends of the centre that we call on to undertake this. If you wish to undertake either of these levels of membership then please download the attached form and return it to the Moutere Hills Community Centre office. Application for Community Membership (2) The year-round recreation, moderate climate, spectacular scenery and extremely friendly and forward thinking community are the attractions to urbanites, retirees, and businesses who are moving to this charming village. The community centre therefore, serves a multi-cultural residential community of all ages. A wide and diverse number of recreational programs and activities are on offer plus seasonal special events. There’s something for everyone in our busy activity schedule and if there’s something you’d like to see on here, just let us know. Community events keep us all in touch and the venue is also available for hire for meetings, conferences, and social occasions. We hope you’ll be a regular visitor to the centre and to our new website to keep up-to-date with what’s on.

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